Work experiences:              From March 2014 to March 2015:     Research Assistant, University of Padova        External Consultant, SIAV S.P.A.

Research Interests:

Social Network Analysis       A Novel Criterion for Overlapping Communities Detection and Clustering Improvement
(Accepted at CIDM 2014 IEEE Conference (Orlando, 09-12 Dec 2014), ISBN 978-1-4799-4518-4
Business Intelligence       Relative Transactive Memory estimation: development and test of an ecologically valid framework
(Submitted to AMJ)
Enhancing Professional Social Network visualization by Lean-inspired Measures on the individual
Social Psychology       Weighted Leaders and Peripheral Workers in Organizational Social Networks based on Event Logs
Working Well Together: introducing a measure of performance-based cohesiveness inside groups
Optimization       No-Free-Lunch Theorems in the Continuum
(Published in Theoretical Computer Science 09/2014; 600)
Process Mining       Improving Process Mining prediction results in processes that change over time
Using Recurrent Boltzmann Machines in the detection of process drifts using several Process Mining perspectives
(Accepted at IARIA IMMM 2016, Valencia 22-26 May 2016)

(Teoremi di No Free Lunch) Master's Thesis
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