Curriculum Vitae

of Alessandro Berti, born in Soave (VR), Italy, on 20/02/1989

Living in Aachen, Alt-Haarener Straße 21 (52080)

Phone: +49 160 92437294


Job experiences:

Software Engineer @ Center of Process Intelligence, Fraunhofer FIT

- Lead developer of the open-source process mining library PM4Py (with more than 700.000 downloads) and the process mining tool PMTk (based on PM4Py, web services in Flask, and a front-end in Angular; available on-premise and as a standalone tool).

- Involvement as a software expert in data analysis projects on SAP ERP.

Sep 2019 – now

Software Engineer @ Process and Data Science group, RWTH Aachen

- Organization of practical courses in the field of conformance checking. In particular, holder of the “Process conformance checking in Python” practical course for the past seven semesters.

- Supervision of BSc and MSc theses on process mining and big data analysis topics.

- Development of prototypal process mining software:

- Extraction of event data from SAP: O2C, P2P, AP, AR

- PM4Py-GPU: a high-performance process mining library running on the

NVIDIA RAPIDS framework.

- PM4JS: a general-purpose process mining library in Javascript.

- Research:

- Object-centric process mining: development of the OCEL standard for storing object-centric event logs; process discovery on OCEL(s) using object-centric directly-follows graphs and Petri nets.

May 2018 - now

Research Engineer @ SIAV S.p.A. (Italy)

- Application of process mining to processes implemented using document flows in the Archiflow document management application.

- Automation of an invoice processing system. Issuing of electronic invoices.

- Development of some modules in document management software (Archiflow, Silloge): full-text search, text classification, and process mining.

March 2015 – April 2018

Research Assistant @ University of Padova (Italy)

- Development of social network analysis and resource profiling techniques.

- Integration of social network analysis in the SIAV’s document management application.

March 2014 – March 2015

Main skills:

Programming: Python (lead developer of PM4Py and PM4Py-GPU; text classification) along with its ecosystem (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Numpy); Javascript (lead developer of the process mining toolkit PMTk, and of the open-source library PM4JS) along with Node.JS and Angular.

Consultancy: involvement in process mining projects @ Fraunhofer FIT.

Data analysis: deep knowledge of process mining in different areas (process discovery, conformance checking, simulation). Usage of dataframe technologies (Pandas, Polars, NVIDIA RAPIDS, Apache Spark), SQL (Oracle, DuckDB, SQLite), and non-SQL (MongoDB, Redis) to extract and pre-process event data. Data extraction and processing from popular information systems (SAP ERP, Dynamics CRM, Camunda). Data visualization: Graphviz (PM4Py, PM4JS), Matplotlib (PM4Py), Plotly (PMTk, PM4JS).

Operational: deployment of applications as Docker containers (both in the context of SIAV Silloge and PMTk), and in enterprise web/application servers (Apache, IIS, NGINX / UWSGI). Basic knowledge of CI/CD pipelines (for the PM4Py and PMTK projects). Base knowledge of the Nameko framework.

Main publications:

Studies: Mathematics (Bsc 2008-2011, Msc 2011-2013) @ University of Padova.

Languages: English (C1), German (A1).